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Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I eligible to join narratrs?

  • If you have a minimum of 1,000 valid connections on either Facebook or Instagram, are 18 years of age and above, join us by signing up here!

Does my profile have to be public?

  • All socials need to be public! Without this, we would not be able to track and reward you accordingly. Also, we want you to share your beautiful content with the rest of the world!

How can i participate in campaigns?

  • Once you’re signed up, you’ll start receiving invites to campaigns that you can choose from.
  • Please only join campaigns when you meet all the requirements as well as your availability for the important dates!
  • Each campaign has a brief that details everything from the important event dates you need to block off, product collection details, to posting guidelines.
  • The campaign briefs contain information which may be confidential and privileged. You may not use, copy, disseminate or disclose the message or any information contained in the brief to anyone or in any of your social media accounts.

During the campaign

  • All campaigns are guided by the Narratrs’ General Rules of Conduct. Prior to joining any campaign, ensure that you have read and understood and agree to be bound by them. You can trust us to be on your side so that you can shine in these campaigns.

What is the recruitment period?

  • This period is when you can apply to be part of the campaign. It is essential that you review the brief thoroughly to ensure that you are willing and able to commit to the requirements. Each campaign will have different requirements so only apply when you are sure that you can deliver.

How do I know if I was accepted for a campaign?

  • You will receive an acceptance email if you were selected to participate in a campaign. Ensure to reply with your details within 24 hours. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of your application.

What is the submission period?

  • It is important that you submit your proposed content within the Submission Period indicated in each campaign brief. The system automatically shuts down the submission process after the deadline hence you lose your chance to be part of the campaign! Notify us early on if you are having troubles in meeting your deadlines and we’ll be happy to assist you!

How do i submit my proposed posts?

Read the campaign brief carefully and make sure to create your content following the requirement. Once you’re ready with your image/video and caption:

  • Facebook: Click on the Facebook icon to upload your post via Narratrs to publish on Facebook. You are to schedule your posts on the Narratrs platform, as opposed to directly on your personal account, to guarantee that we are tracking your posts!
  • Instagram: Click on the Instagram icon to upload your post directly on your linked Instagram account. Voila! Ensure that you used the same content and exact caption as approved with the correct hashtags.

What’s next after my post is approved?

  • Once you receive a notification that your post has been approved, please proceed to post on your social media account ASAP. Don’t forget to use the same content and exact caption as approved so the system can track your posts and determine your pay-out!
  • Rule of Thumb: NO APPROVAL, NO POSTING.

What is the posting period?

  • Once your post is approved, you can proceed to post your content on your social media accounts. The earlier you post, the better engagements you’ll get hence higher payout.
  • Don’t forget that you have to publish the post within the Posting Period so the system can track the engagements and reach of your post that is also used to determine your payout!

How do i edit my post?

  • Under your posts, click on the green pencil icon to edit your media and caption. There’s no need to resubmit and you will avoid creating duplicated posts which will streamline the approval process.

Why was my post rejected?

Here are some reasons why your post was rejected:

  • You've probably hit the post limit set per campaign. The post limit is to ensure that everybody gets a piece of the cake.
  • You didn’t follow the posting guidelines as per the brief.
  • Reposting the example photos is not cool!

My posts are not tracked!

Ensure that you:

  • linked public socials.
  • joined the campaign on Narratrs.
  • used the exact approved caption with correct #hashtags.
  • posted within the campaign posting period.

If you have observed the above, please allow 24 hours for your posts to be refreshed. Still not tracking after 24 hours? Kindly drop us an email


  • Please re-login on Narratrs due to an expired session. How to prevent this? Login to Narratrs regularly before the end date of each campaign to ensure all posts data are captured.



The Narratrs Pay Portal has been designed to provide you with fast, convenient, and reliable access to your earnings. Now you can do payday your way thanks to a multitude of self-serve tools, easy on-the-go access, and automated payment transfer methods. What does this mean? All withdrawals will be paid directly to your bank account using Narratrs Pay!


  • Check out the Narratrs Pay guide here
  • After making your very first successful withdrawal request, you will receive an email to setup your Narratrs Pay account. You’ll need to fill in all the Bank Transfer details and complete the transfe request
  • Make sure to activate your automatic bank transfer to ensure that the succeeding withdrawals you make will be automatically credited to your linked bank account.

How much can I make?

Our algorithm derives a performance-based pricing for your content, which takes into account the benchmarks of advertising costs on social networks with relevance to the campaign type, content format, and engagements generated, among others. The exact amount paid to you for each piece of content you post varies greatly, and depends on a few factors:

  • Number of followers
  • Number of engagements (Likes + Comments)
  • Types of post (Distribution/ Creation)
  • Format of Post (Photo/ Video)

How will I get paid?

  • Campaign payments will appear in your Narratrs Wallet approximately 5 working days after the end of every campaign
  • You are subject to minimum withdrawal amount (varies per market) for every withdrawal request you make. Once your withdrawal request is successful, the amount will be transferred to your bank account linked to your Narratrs Pay.
  • If you have yet to receive your withdrawal after 5 working days post-request, please send an email and we’ll be happy to help!

Help, my withdrawal request is stuck on 'Pending/ 'Expired'?

  • 'Pending' means that we have received your request. Kindly allow up to approximately 5 working days, to be reflected in your account.
  • 'Expired' means that your latest request has superseded your previous requests. Please refrain from multiple requests, as it will only delay your withdrawal!

Is there a minimum I must meet for withdrawal of funds?

  • Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom: US$50
  • Brunei, China, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mexico: US$25
  • Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Colombia: US$10

Why do I have to meet the minimum amount before I can withdraw my earnings?

  • We are subjected to costs that cover payment security and fraud protection purposes for every transaction. Therefore, a minimum withdrawal amount is required to ensure we don’t pass on these costs to you, and that you receive the earnings you were promised.

Why is there a maintenance fee?

  • Narratrs Pay is charging for US$1 every month as a maintenance fee if you have funds that are pending transfer to your bank account. To avoid this, ensure to set the auto-transfer on your Narratrs Pay account.

Having any issues with your Narratrs Pay? Contact Support at https://payment.narratrs.com/hw2web/consumer/page/contact.xhtml

What's the catch?

  • Surprise, no hidden booby-traps here! Narratrs is founded to pass the rewards and recognition back to the people who create the content we consume on the web. When you dedicate time to create original and creative content for each campaign, you benefit from it directly from participating brands.

Still have a question? Send it over to: influencers@narratrs.com !