We’ve cracked the code! Streamlined campaign management lets Narratrs communicate your marketing messages through their social agnostic content that fosters marketing ingenuity.

Campaign management


  • All-In-One platform to create, execute, manage, validate, and scale your campaigns with micro-influencers.
  • Performance dashboard with relevant and real-time social metrics to monitor your campaign progress and efficiency.
  • Manage and review live content with one-click reports.


  • A managed community who inspires each other to produce the best quality of content.
  • Crowdsource your next marketing campaign with tastemakers and key opinion leaders within this community.
  • Cut through the social noise with content from those who know their audience best.
Rich analytics


  • See real-time return on influencer investment.
  • Get actionable reach and engagement data across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Crunch big data analytics that solve traditional influencer marketing problems.
Crowd distribution


  • Optimize your marketing spend with a lower cost-per-engagement validated by our proprietary algorithm.
  • Connect and sustain real relationships with content creators, key opinion leaders, and tastemakers of the next generation of consumers.
  • Experience a surge in your brand’s social share-of-voice.
  • Gain access to real-time engagement to optimise your budget.

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