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It’s Real, It’s Hard: Being an Influencer Takes So Much Work

Is being an influencer a real job?

Working with influencers day in, day out puts our team in a unique position to answer this question. Our business process is all about matching brands with the right influencers, but our job doesn’t stop there.
Soleil Manara, Global Community and Campaigns Lead for Narratrs, shares about her working experience with influencers. “Influencers are from all walks of life, but what unifies them is their passion to create great content. Most (if not all), have day jobs or are university students, while a small portion are full-pledged influencers. Their unique life experiences inspire their work and produce truly admirable, scroll-stopping content.”

According to Brittany Hennessy of Digital Hearst Media, the most successful media influencers have two skills: business savvy and charisma on camera. She says in an interview with Business Insider, “I found the most successful influencers are ones that had jobs before they were influencers. Real jobs. Because they know what it's like to be on the receiving end of something that's not so good, and so they make sure they deliver great products."