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It’s Real, It’s Hard: Being an Influencer Takes So Much Work

Is being an influencer a real job? Working with influencers day in, day out puts our team in a unique position to answer this question. Our busines...

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V-Day Inclusivity: It’s Time to Rethink Valentine’s Day Marketing

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is a commercial juggernaut: from restaurants, hotels, retailers, florists -- a lot of businesses stand to make ...

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Due Diligence in Influencer Marketing: A Lesson from Fyre Festival

By now, it’s almost impossible to have not heard of the Fyre Festival disaster after the release of back-to-back documentaries by streaming giants ...

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As Influencer Marketing Takes Off, a Commitment to Integrity is Key

By 2020, influencer marketing is expected to be worth USD 10 Billion. To describe the growth as exponential is almost an understatement; back in 20...

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A More Intelligent Approach to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is steadily becoming a part of every brand’s marketing toolkit. In partnership with Google and Nielsen, Carat Media conducte...

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Time to Thank the ‘Instagram Husbands’

We all have that one person who takes the most flattering photos that go up on our Instagram profiles without hesitation: they know the right angle...

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With Influencer Marketing on the Rise, Authenticity Should Be Too

Last year, the world scrutinized social media platforms like never before and dominated news cycles. There was a crackdown on ‘fake followers’, wit...

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We Are Looking for Young People to Learn With Our team! (PH-BASED)

Influencer marketing platform Narratrs has been successfully conducting campaigns for global brands since 2015, and we are looking for Philippine-b...

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A Push For More Qualitative Data in Influencer Marketing

It is clear that we have entered a new era of marketing – one wherein anyone who has an Instagram account can influence purchase decisions just as ...

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